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Flamingo Pavilion

Pink, slender and graceful ? a fascinating performer

Named after “flame-colored” body or “flamingo” in Spanish, the flamingo is slender, long-legged and graceful in pink.
Well-known varieties include the Greater Flamingo originating in Africa and southern Europe, known for their fascinating performances; the Lesser Flamingo, the smallest among the species that can grow only up to 90 centimeters, the Chilean Flamingo, with greyish legs with bright pink joints, and the American or Caribbean Flamingo with vivid red plumes.

Similar to storks, they can be “flame-colored” storks by its name, but flamingo birds are vastly different in food, habits and habitation. When just born, the feather is gray, but as it matures, it turns red. Flamingos feed with their heads down, and their curved bills filter food out of the water. Shrimplike crustaceans rich in beta carotene are responsible for the flamingo’s unique pink color. The birds pale in captivity unless their diet is supplemented.

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Flamingo Pavilion