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What kind of places are there in Theme Garden?
From Rose Garden to Children’s Zoo, we will guide you to the Theme Garden of Seoul Grand Park.


Main Gate of Theme Garden

Theme Garden is a beautiful flower garden and
there are places where you can take pictures.
Take a picture of yourself regardless of age or
gender surrounded by bright flowers!


About Rose Garden

There are 179 kinds of 38,000 rose flowers of various colors and scents,
floor fountains, dynamic and cool streams pouring out from circular fountains,
and the lakeside trail where you can enjoy a quiet and relaxing stroll.
It is a space where you can have a good day regardless of age or gender.

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Tree Peony·Herbaceous Peony Garden

The Tree Peony·Herbaceous Peony Garden, decorated with flowers representing the
splendid and elegant spring beauty of the East, decorates the Theme Garden
before the roses of the Rose Garden bloom.
If you visit in time for the blooming season,
you will fall in love with the beauty of the peony colonies!

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Rest Garden

The Rest Garden, where you can feel the beautiful autumn scenery mixed with
chrysanthemum flowers, is a good place to spread out a mat and enjoy an outing.

How about taking time to enjoy the autumn scenery with friends and family?

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Home Garden

It is a garden where you can take a walk with the theme of fruit trees such as
apples, plums, and persimmon trees. As you walk along the promenade, you can
feel the atmosphere of a warm rural hometown.

If you couldn’t visit your hometown because of work, why don’t you feel the
atmosphere of hometown here!?

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Lakeside Trail

The scenery overlooking Gwacheon Reservoir from the Theme Garden is a magical place where even the minds of the viewers can relax.

It is a space where you can get away from the
difficult city life for a while and get peace of mind while
looking at the beautiful lake scenery.


Children's Zoo

There is a lake in the surrounding area,
and the surrounding environment is well decorated,
so there is a place to sit on a mat and shade trees.

In addition, the feeding experience program held
at a fixed time is loved by children very much.

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