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Garden with a splendid and
beautiful spring of the East

Peony, representing the splendid and elegant spring beauty of the East,
beautifully embellishes the Theme Garden before the rose flowers add color to the place.


At Tree Peony · Herbaceous Peony Garden,

You can enjoy the colorful and abundant flowers of small tree peonies and perennial peonies.

휴정원 잔디밭 사진


Current Planting Status

The Tree Peony·Herbaceous Peony Garden has 27 tree peonies of 7 species and 11,600 herbaceous peonies in a 940m2 space.
Greet a spring at the Tree Peony·Herbaceous Peony Garden full of the splendor of spring

휴정원 허브온실 사진
휴정원 허브온실 사진