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Seoul Grand Park, a safe and pleasant resting place that plans another century,
will implement the followings to safely serve all customers.


We will kindly serve all citizens visiting Seoul Grand Park as owners.


We will prepare a safe and pleasant viewing environment and a system that guides comfortable facility use.


We will make efforts to provide various attractions in the park and to be a place of practicing ecological education that informs children and youth of the importance of preserving the ecological environment.


We will promptly provide the information wanted by customers to satisfy their rights to know.


We will immediately take corrective actions and compensate properly with a polite apology, if we caused a complaint or inconvenience to the customer due to the poor service.


We will collect and reflect the voice of customers in service improvement and conduct customer assessments and open the result.


We will promote customers’ health by prohibiting smoking in the park.


All employees of Seoul Grand Park promise to establish and faithfully practice the “service implementation standard” for each field to achieve these goals.