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General Information on the Zoo and Theme Garden
  • Both Zoo and Theme Garden are open 365 days. Visitors can enter 1 hour before the closing time.
  • Certain animal houses may be closed for viewing due to weather or animal conditions without a prior notice.
  • ※The park is not responsible for accidents caused by carelessness visitors.
  • In Theme Garden, protect flowers and plants by not entering the garden when taking photographs.
eneral Information on the Zoo and Theme Garden
Don’t List in the Zoo and Theme Garden


Don’t List in the Zoo and Theme Garden
  • Visitors with pet animals, kick boards, bicycles, electric wheels, electric toy cars, inline skates, balls and tents are not allowed to enter.
  • ※ Baby carriages and wheelchairs are allowed to enter.
  • ※ Guide dogs for the blind are allowed to enter. (For inquiries, contact Customer Help Center at 02-500-7335)
  • ※ Please kindly note pet animals, electric toy cars and other personal belongings cannot be stored by the zoo or theme garden.


Don’t List in the Park
  • Seoul Grand Park is designated as no-smoking zone. A violation will result in penalty (KRW 100,000).
  • Visitors are not allowed to ride bicycles, motorcycles, inline skates and kick boards. ∙ Refrain from activities that may cause inconvenience to other visitors, such as making loud noise, sleeping, violent actions, damaging grass or flowers or wearing wheeled shoes.
  • To keep the park clean, do not litter.
  • When accompanying pet animals, be sure to use a leash and clean up afterwards.
Don’t List in the Park
Guidelines for Pet Owners in Public Spaces


Guidelines for Pet Owners in Public Spaces
  • A violation of Animal Protection Laws will result in penalty (under KRW 600,000).
  • For the safety and wellbeing of pet animals, register your animals.
  • When bringing pet animals, be sure to attach ID card. (A violation will result in penalty: KRW 50,000 (1st time) 100,000 (2nd time), 200,000 (more than 3 times)
  • Take safety precautions by using the collar, leash and mouth guard. (A violation will result in penalty: 200,000 (1st time), 300,000 (2nd time), 500,000 (more than 3 times) / A predatory animal aged under 3 months are not required to wear a mouth guard.
  • ※ Types of Predatory Dogs Requiring the Collar and Mouth Guard (Table 3, Enforcement Regulation under the Animal Protection Law)
    • - Toda and its hybrids
    • - American Pit Bull Terrier and its hybrids
    • - American Staffordshire Terrier and its hybrids
    • - Staffordshire Bull Terrier and its hybrids
    • - Rottweiler and its hybrids
    • - Other dogs with aggressive dispositions that are likely to attack people.
  • Be sure to clean up afterwards.
    (A violation will result in penalty: KRW 50,000 (1st time), 70,000 (2nd time) and 100,000 (more than 3 times)

Please kindly note pet animals are not allowed to enter Seoul Zoo and Theme Garden.


Information on filming permission
  • In the case of filming and recording in Seoul Grand Park,
    after prior consultation with the person in charge (02-500-7031),
    the application for filming permission must be completed
    and submitted by 7 days before the planned schedule.
  • ※ When filling out the application form, a photo of the desired location for filming must be attached.
  • ※ Please refer to the filming permission application form for details.
  • Filming is not allowed for personal gain or commercial purposes.
Filming Permit Information
Hot tips!
for best enjoying Seoul Grand Park! Make your experience better and safer!!
  • 1The zoo is too big?

    Take Sky Lift to get to the highest point of the zoo and walk down from Predatory Animal House to save your energy.

  • 2Want to avoid too much traffic on weekends or public holidays?

    Seoul Grand Park is close to the city center. The park is only 10 minutes away from Sadang Subway Station, so why not use public transportations? Or, come early in the morning to the park and leave early to avoid heavy traffic around the park.

  • 3Be sure to take the Map of Seoul Zoo at the entrance!

    It’s fun to follow the map and find animals you want to see.

  • 4Camping at Camping Site?

    Come early and park your car at Camping Site Parking Lot. You can look around Seoul Zoo, Seoul Land and Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art before camping to make your day packed with activities.

  • 5There is a toilet where you can see animals?

    Yes, there is. From the toilet in Giraffe House, you can watch giraffes, but only when they are outdoors.

  • 6Animals in captivity are always sleeping?

    There are many nocturnal animals in Seoul Grand Park. You can come early in the morning to see various animals being active.

  • 7Want discount on admission fees?

    You can buy Zoo + Theme Garden Package (20% off) or pay via ZeroPay (30% off) to receive discount.