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Campsite Visitor Guide

Operational period:

Opening date (April 18) to November 10

※Closed every Monday (however, it is closed on the following day (Tuesday)
if Monday is a holiday, and it is closed on the following day of
holidays interspersed with workdays)

Picnic Hours:

09:00 (entry)-19:00 (exit) on the same day

※Picnic users can enter after purchasing admission tickets
at the ticket office without prior


Campsite (Tent) Visitor Guide

Check-in time:

12:00 pm (check-in) - 10:00 am the next day (check-out)

Camping Area Operation Period:

  • Weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun), holidays, etc.
  • Summer vacation: All sections available (Section 1~4)

Visitor Guide:

  • Tent reservations can only be made on the Internet until 12:00 pm on the day of visit, and up to 2 tents per day can be reserved.
  • Reservation holders must purchase an admission ticket on the day of use and can use the campsite only after the ID check at the visitor center.
  • Site selection has come available when making a reservation,shifting from a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Closed every Monday.
  • The parking fee for the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art has changed, so be sure to check it.
  • The location of some tents in campsites 1 and 2 will be changed from 2020 due to maintenance work, so please check the location when making a reservation.
03Campsite Reservation

You can make reservations for campgrounds and playgrounds (basketball court,
volleyball court) on the campsite website.
※Seoul Grand Park camping ground is a facility licensed for use and income.
※Please check the camping site website for details on reservation.

Inquiries Seoul Grand Park Campsite Customer Center (02-502-3836)

Go to Campsite Homepage

Precautions for campsite visit
  • Seoul Grand Park is a non-smoking park, and a penalty is imposed upon detection of smoking.
  • Do not use fire such as burners, candles, mosquito repellent, etc. in the tent
  • Prohibition of bonfires in campsites / forced evacuation in case of violation
  • Same-day visitors are advised to refrain from placing their luggage around the tent or forcing others to leave their tent before 12:00 pm
  • Damage to or loss of facilities and rental items is subject to reimbursement
  • Food waste and garbage must be put into separate bags, thoroughly recycled by item and thrown away at designated places.
  • Amps, speakers, catering, personal tents, and shade curtains are not allowed.
  • Pets, bikes, kickboards are prohibited at the campsite.
  • Electricity is not allowed at the campsite, and if you use the electricity of facilities such as restroom without permission, you will be imposed of compensation charges and be forced out of the campsite.
  • Children must be accompanied by a caregiver in Adventurous Playground and valley area / Cooking in Adventurous Playground is prohibited
  • Keep items such as valuables well. No compensation is made for any loss.
  • Among reservation holders, those who come after 19:00 pm can purchase an admission ticket at the site.
  • After 23:30pm at the campsite, park lights (excluding restroom) are turned off at once.