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On November 1, 1909, the first
zoo in Korea was established.

Korea's first zoo was built in Changgyeongwon during the Japanese colonial period on November 1, 1909.
It was built 36th in the world and 7th in the Orient.
At the time of its opening, the zoo had a total of 361 animals of 72 species, including 121 mammals of 29 species and 240 birds of 43 species.


Seoul Grand Park created for visitors and animals

The Cultural Heritage Management Bureau, which was in charge of Changgyeonggung at the time,
made plans to restore the palace and create Seoul Grand Park for the ever-increasing number of
visitors and animals to protect historic cultural properties.

창경원 동물원 1910년 이미지

Changgyeongwon Zoo 1910

창경원 개원 60주년 이미지

60th anniversary of the opening of Changgyeongwon

서울대공원 기공식 이미지

Groundbreaking ceremony for Seoul Grand Park

창경원 동물이동 이미지

Movement of animals from Changgyeongwon


Started construction of Seoul Grand Park

Construction began in 1978,
On May 1, 1984, Seoul Grand Park opened in Gwacheon.


November 1, 2009
100th anniversary

On November 1, 2009,
in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the zoo's opening,
The Ape Pavilion was remodeled and opened along with the 100th-anniversary plaza and the time capsule was buried.


From this time on, the Seoul Zoo,

Seoul Zoo began remodeling aging animal cages through preparing annual plans and has been striving to fulfill its role as a representative zoo of Korea by promoting exchanges internationally and by holding other international events.

인도네시아공화국 기증 오랑우탄 입주 환영 기념식 사진
창경원 큰물새집 준공 축하 기념식 사진
아시아 코끼리 동물가족의 서울대공원 입주 환영식 사진
분단 후 최초 서울대공원에서 평양중앙동물원으로 남한호랑이를 기증하는 차량 사진
서울대공원 개원 축하 코끼리열차 사진
동물원에서 쌍두마차를 타는 사람들 사진
홍학과 함께있는 아이의 사진
서울동물원 사진