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Since its grand opening on May 1, 1984, Seoul Zoo and Botanical Garden, measuring 2,420,000m², have conserved animals and plants

Since its grand opening on May 1, 1984, Seoul Zoo, directly under Seoul Grand Park operated by the city government of Seoul, has exhibited, conserved, educated and researched animals, plants and their ecosystem and environment. Measuring 598 acres in total including Botanical Garden, Seoul Zoo has been visited by about 3.5 million visitors annually, as the zoo makes an effort to provide visitors with chances to think about the meaning of animals and their natural conservation and of healing in the nature with animals and plants. By providing animals and plants in healthy state in eco-friendly and pleasant habitats, Seoul Zoo aims to make it a good place where both people and animals can feel happiness.

Zoo & Botanical Garden


The Healing Zoo Where People and Animals Can Experience Hope and Vitality of Life

Such efforts made by Seoul Zoo are based on the new ideology that operators promote happiness among animals through studies on wild animal behavioral science and coexistence of man and animals, ultimately as friends, in happiness. Examples include remodeling Primate House, Tropical Bird House and Predatory Animal House, Seoul Zoo held exhibitions promoting the welfare of animals.
Additional remodeling of Marine Pavilion and Oriental Pavilion, Seoul Zoo aims to gradually improve facilities for animals. In July 2013, Seoul Zoo released its dolphin named “Jedori” back into the wild for the first time in Asia, presenting a case for people to reconsider animal welfare and respect for life of animals, while elevating the international status of South Korea in terms of animal welfare.


Systematic and scientific research for conserving and proliferating endangered species in Korea

Every zoo has an important mission to protect, conserve and research animals in healthy state as precious natural resources to be handed down to future generations. Seoul Zoo has conducted systematic and scientific research for conserving and proliferating internationally rare species and endangered species in Korea while continuously offering educational programs.

We at Seoul Zoo promise to make the zoo a healing zoo where all visitors can feel the vitality of life and hope.
Thank you.

Empathy for Life at the Center of Conservation

The Vision of Seoul Zoo, 2020-2030

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Core Competency
Future-oriented & Professional Organization

Seoul Zoo


Advances to become an advanced zoo
in pursuit of animal welfare and conservation

Be at the center of the network conserving wild animals
Offer education on ecological environment and change paradigm
Obtain certificates on zoo ethics on animal welfare
Become a healing, empathetic zoo citizens want to visit

Seoul Zoo


Globally Recognized Zoo

Be at the center of the conservation of Korean native animals
Be the professional institution specializing in the finest education on environment
Re-establish ecological environment for animal welfare
Become a healing, empathetic zoo citizens want to visit
4 Major Strategies

Be at the center of the network conserving wild animals

Be the starting point of education specializing in ecological environmen

Establish the environment based on animal welfare

Provide services that can impress citizens