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Theme Garden comprised of Tree Peony·Herbaceous Peony Garden, Rest Garden, Children’s Zoo is a spot for memorable visit

The Theme Garden, home to colorful roses, and the Children's Zoo, home to cute animals, can create happy memories for you with beloved ones, family, and friends.


About Theme Garden

Rose Garden is embroidered with the color and scent of roses that symbolize passionate love in the West; Tree Peony·Herbaceous Peony Garden is composed of peonies that represent the splendid and elegant beauty of spring in the East; Rest Garden is built on a wide lawn where you can enjoy a relaxing break at the center of a busy city; Home Garden is made up of fruit trees that deliver a warm rural hometown ambience; and Children’s Zoo is built as a shelter for small animals that matches the image of “Little Children”. At the Theme Garden, you can make happy memories with your loved ones, family and friends.


Current Status of Theme Garden
  • Scale
    84,147㎡(54,075 ㎡ including Rose Garden, 28,072 ㎡ for Children’s Zoo)
  • Main facilities
    Rose Garden, Theme Garden (Tree Peony·Herbaceous Peony Garden, Rest Garden, Home Garden), Gibbon Island, Children's Zoo (Sheep Feeding, Animal Class, etc.)
  • Admission fee
    2,000 for adults
    1,500 for teenagers
    1,000 for children
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