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Animal treatment

We are striving to improve animal health and animal welfare through scientific and systematic diagnosis and timely treatment of affected animals in the zoos.


Disease prevention

We are striving to extend the healthy lifespan of animals through preventive medical management such as regular health check-ups for major animals and administration of anthelmintic drugs through vaccination.


Pathological examination

The zoo conducts regular parasite tests for the purposes of preventive medicine, contributes to disease diagnosis through blood, tissue, and fecal tests of wild animals, and performs autopsies on dead animals to analyze the causes of their deaths.


Prevention work

This is a task to prevent the influx of infectious diseases into the zoo by establishing and operating an effective quarantine system such as the operation of a 24-hour vehicle disinfection room and disinfection of animal cages and viewing routes in preparation for the outbreak of infectious diseases such as foot-and-mouth disease and highly pathogenic AI.