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Important Etiquettes
to Follow in Seoul Grand Park

It is none other than citizens that own and make Seoul Grand Park clean, safe and enjoyable.
here are important etiquettes for visitors enjoying different facilities of Seoul Grand Park.

0110 Etiquettes for Visitors in Seoul Zoo
서울동물원 관람 에티켓 10
1. 사람이 먹는 음식이나 주변의 풀을 먹으면 동물이 아파요. 동물마다 정해진 식단이 있어요.
2. 자는 동물을 깨우지 않게 조용히 관람하세요. 소리지르거나 유리창을 두드리면 동물들이 놀라요.
3. 동물 우리 가까이 가면 물리거나 다칠 수 있어요. 울타리에 올라가거나넘어가면 큰 사고가 날 수 있어요.
4. 돌이나 쓰레기를 던지면 동물이 위험해져요. 동물이 상처를 입거나 이물질을 먹고 아파해요.
5. 사진을 찍을때는 플래시를 꺼주세요. 빛이 반사되어 동물들이 놀라고 스트레스 받아요.
6. 동물은 눈으로만 고나람ㅎ 주세요.
7. 혼자만 있는 동물들은 이유가 있어요. 혼자서 생활하는 습성이 있기 때문이에요.
8. 사육사노트와 설명판을 먼저읽고 관람하ㅏ세요. 동물에 대해 ㅁ낳이 ㅂ울 수 있어요.
9. 동물원 관람시간을 꼭 지켜주세요. 동물들도 건강을 지키기 위해 휴식이 필요해요.
10. 동물을 사랑하는 어른들의 모습을 보여주세요. 우리 아이들에게 좋은 교육이 될 거에요.


Etiquettes for Visitors in Botanical Garden
  • 1 Do not litter. Doing so can damage plants.
  • 2 Do not enter flower gardens.
  • 3 Do not touch flowers or plants with hands.
  • 4 Do not eat inside the green house.
  • 5 Always use designated routes and facilities.
  • 6 Do not use flash when taking photographs.
  • 7 Please keep viewing hours of Botanical Garden.


10 Etiquettes for Visitors in Theme Garden.
  • 1 Please take care of plants and avoid activities that may harm plants. Do not pick flowers or step on plants.
  • 2 Use designated Facilities for Convenience (benches, pavilions and lawns). To ensure safety always use designated routes and areas.
  • 3 Beware of thorns of the rose and other thorny plants.
  • 4 Photography is allowed but do not enter flower gardens. Take caution when using facilities designed to be used for all visitors.
  • 5 Pet animals (dogs, cats, etc.) are not allowed. Doing so can spread infectious diseases among animals.
  • 6 Take caution when accompanied by children. Keep a good distance from animals to avoid injury.
  • 7 Do not pick fruits off the tree or plants. Apples, plums, cornus fruits and others are for display only.
  • 8 Take caution when using facilities, such as floor fountain, stream or pond.
  • 9 Refrain from activities that may inconvenience other visitors disrupt public order, such as shouting, drinking, using speakers, littering etc.
  • 10 Cooking or putting up tents is not allowed in Theme Garden. Following etiquettes can ensure safety and pleasure of all visitors in Theme Garden. We thank you all in advance.


10 Etiquettes for Visitors Using Forest Therapy
  • 1 Be sure to pick up all trash including fruit peels and leftover food, and leave the forest clean.
  • 2 Refrain from turning on music or radio in the forest. Use earphones.
  • 3 Do not damage or leave marks in the nature. Do not pick stones or plants.
  • 4 Drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited. Over 50% of accidents in the nature is caused by drinking and smoking.
  • 5 Always use designated routes only for hiking or walking. What feels like “venturing into the wild” can damage the forest.
  • 6 Refrain from yelling or singing in the forest. Please lower your voice for all visitors to enjoy the sound of the nature.
  • 7 Polite greetings make forest therapy pleasant. Simply say “Hello” or “Take care.”
  • 8 In the forest, keep to the right.
  • 9 Be ware of brush or mountain fire dangers! Do not bring any item that can cause fire.
  • 10 On the narrow trail, if you’re descending, step off to the side for hikers coming up.


Etiquettes for Visitors Using Camping Site
  • 1 Drink moderately and be sure to put out cigarette lights.
  • 2 Refrain from public displays of affection ? or disaffection, especially between couples.
  • 3 Keep quiet after 10 o’clock at night. In Camping Site, all lights will be turned off at 11:30 o’clock.
  • 4 When leaving, make sure your camping site is clean as new.
  • 5 Keep toilets and shower rooms clean.
  • 6 Keeping the valley and its water pure and clean is important for all visitors. Cooking and washing dishes in the valley are not allowed.
  • 7 Dispose of all ashes in the designated area. Reduce and recycle wastes.
  • 8 Take caution when using trees, especially aged ones.
  • 9 Refrain from yelling or singing loudly or turning up speakers.
  • 10 Swimming or playing with water is allowed in the valley. Please note the tap water of Seoul Grand Park Camping Site is Arisu Drinking Water.