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Introduce the Healing Forest.

The Seoul Grand Park is surrounded by the Cheonggyesan area (Makgye-dong,
Gwacheon-si) where approximately 10 families were forced to leave the grounds
in 1984 due to park construction. Following the eventual restoration, the
environment is very well preserved for an incomparable environment that
cannot be found within the greater area of Seoul.

Major Facilities

Healing Forest Trail, Water, Wind & Sunshine Healing Zone,
Barefoot Trail, Aroma Garden, Forest Plaza, etc.


Healing factors of the forest

Forests are made up of healing factors such as landscape, phytoncide, negative ions, oxygen, sound, and sunlight.


The green that makes up the forest relieves eye strain and brings peace of mind. The seasonal sense of the forest that changes with time is another attraction that naturally focuses human attention on it and relieves fatigue.


Phytoncide is a substance produced by trees to protect itself from pests and wounds. Phytoncide is a compound of plant' 'phyton' and killer's 'Cide' to relieve inflammation, and volatile phytoncide which is present in the forest air stimulates the sense of smell of the body to bring stability and comfort.

negative ions

The negative ion that neutralizes the human body, which is prone to acidification in daily lives, are present in large amounts in the pleasant natural environment such as the respiration of forests, the transpiration of soil in the forest, and around valleys or waterfalls.


The sound generated in the forest has the characteristics of a relatively wide pitch white sound that makes humans comfortable and improves concentration. The sound of the forest has different characteristics for each season, and the sound of the forest in spring is the most stable sound.


In forests, the effect of blocking ultraviolet rays which are harmful to skin cancer, cataracts, and immunology are better than in cities, making outdoor activities possible for a long time. Sunlight is widely used as a method of preventing or treating depression by promoting serotonin secretion and is essential for the synthesis of vitamin D, which strengthens bones and helps the differentiation of cells.


Health Benefits of
Forest Healing
01 Effective in relieving symptoms of depression.
치유의 숲 체험 전후에 따른 HRSD(임상평가우을증상), BDI지수(자가평가우울증상) 비교 그래프
  • HRSD Index
    (Clinical evaluation of
    depressive symptoms)
  • BDI Index
    depressive symptoms)
02 Walking in the forest helps lower blood pressure.
도심길과 숲길에서의 수축기, 확장기 비교 그래프
  • Systole
    - 도심길 125.0 / 숲길 115.4
  • Dilator
    - 도심길 74.1 / 숲길 69.6
03 Helps to recover quickly after cancer surgery.
체험 전과 체험 후의 NK세포, T세포 비교 그래프
  • NK세포 - 체험 전 16.2 / 체험 후 22.8
  • T세포 - 체험 전 38.0 / 체험 후 39.3
04 Atopic dermatitis and asthma are improved in the forest.
치유의 숲 체험 전후에 따른 호기산화질소(기관지염증정도), SCORAD지수(아토피피부염 임상적 증상) 비교 그래프
  • Nitrogen Oxides
  • SCORAD Index
    (Atopic dermatitis
    clinical symptoms)


A forest full of medicines that help health
01 Reduces stress hormone 'CORTISOL'
치유의 숲 체험 전후에 따른 스트레스 호르몬 코티솔 비교 그래프
  • 체험 전 1.113 / 체험 후 0.082
02 Increases ‘alpha wave’ of brain waves that occur frequently in a stable state.
경관에 따른 알파파 증가 비교 수치
  • 도시 경관 22.4
  • 산림 경관 23.7
  • 산림 & 물 경관 24.4
03 Increases ‘NK cells’ that increases immunity.
체험 전과 체험 후의 NK세포 증가 비교 그래프
  • 체험 전 284 / 체험 중 394 / 체험 후 332
04 Increases ‘antioxidant enzyme’ that helps prevent aging.
체험 전과 체험 후의 항산화 효소 증가 비교 그래프
  • 체험 전 2.0 / 체험 후 2.9
How to make a reservation

Short-term program

  • Log in to Seoul Public Service Reservation(
  • Search for “Forest Healing” and apply for the program

Long-term program

  • Download the application form from Seoul Public Service Reservation, fill out the reason for the application, etc. and “upload the application form”
  • After confirming the application, the forest healing instructor will consult the applicant by phone.
  • Registration is completed after the confirmation of program participation and schedule based on the contents of consultation (individual notification)
Precautions for Reservation
  • You can make a reservation after accessing the “Seoul Public Service Reservation” website.
  • To allow multiple citizens to participate, reservations are limited to twice a day.
  • You can make a reservation for a group of 3 to 5 people per each, depending on the program.
  • Please print out the reservation card for ID check.
  • If you are absent without prior notice after making a reservation, you may be restricted from using the program in the future.
  • Wear a hat, long clothes, sneakers, or hiking boots. Please bring water to drink, personal cup, towel, and lap blanket.
  • Children are not allowed, and they will work as a group under the guidance of a forest healing instructor.
  • Avoid perfumes, cosmetics with strong odors, and colorful clothes.
  • You can participate after completing the program participation agreem
  • It is a 40-minute walk from Grand Park Station. Please familiarize yourself with the directions in advance (runners allowed).
  • Observe the program start time (you can enter 30 minutes before the start of the program).
  • It may be canceled if the number of applicants is insufficient or weather conditions such as rain.