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About Mobile App

Seoul Grand Park Mobile App is a tour information service app created to provide more diverse services to visitors.
From a variety of information on animals to tour guide by commentary characters, please meet Seoul Grand Park with fun things to see on your smartphone


Installation Guide

You can search for “Seoul Grand Park”
in ITUNES APPST0RE4 GOOGLE PLAY STORE, download and install it.

※ If you agree to turn on Bluetooth and GPS on your smartphone,
you can enjoy a seamless arrival notification service based on your location data

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02User Guide for Seoul Grand Park Mobile App
Seoul Grand Park | Seoul Metropolitan City-Seoul Zoo

User Guide for Seoul Grand Park's Mobile App

1. Install the app
First, search for “Seoul Grand Park” on Google Play or Appstore.
Press the install button to install it on your phone.

2. Activate the app
Tap the icon of the installed Seoul Grand Park Mobile App to run it.,

3, Main page on the app
The Seoul Grand Park mobile app consists of five main pages:
Events, Seoul Grand Park, Seoul Zoo, Theme Garden, and Camping.
Main Page-”Events”
“Events” menu on the main page provides information on representative events and festivals of Seoul Grand Park.

Main Page-”Seoul Grand Park”
You can check the information on the location of the representative theme facilities and convenient facilities on the map of the Grand Park.

Other menus include Grand Park User Guide, Grand Park Route, and Gallery Service.

Main Page ?”Sub-menu”
There are 5 sub-menus at the center of the main page of Seoul Grand Park.
The parking guide menu provides information on parking in Seoul Grand Park.
The transport in the park menu provides information on the location and use of the skylift and elephant train.
The Facilities for Convenience menu informs you of the location and brief information of various amenities located in Seoul Grand Park.
The Grand Park News menu provides announcements and news about Seoul Grand Park.

Main Page-'Seoul Zoo'
The Seoul Zoo menu provides a variety of contents on the zoo theme map.
It is the representative content of the zoo menu, and it provides an explanation of animal houses and various animal information explained by commentary characters.
Animal Information menu supports page sharing on their own social media accounts such as KakaoTalk, Facebook, and Twitter.
Among the zoo menus, there is Zoo Quest as a content that can be enjoyed at the site.
This is an augmented reality experience content that looks at the quest hints, finds the target, and fits into the screen.
The zoo theme map shows the animals that can be seen along the main routes.
The theme map provides information on various amenities located in the Seoul Zoo.

Sub-menu-”Grand Park Route Guide”
For visitors to Seoul Grand Park, we will inform you of directions using a map by selecting your departure and destination.

Supplementary Menu-”Animals and Plants Encyclopedia”
This menu provides information on animals and plants owned by Seoul Grand Park as a search service.

Sub-menu-”My Menu”
This menu manages push notification settings, foot stamps and favorite information with the mobile app setting menus.

Thank you.
03Major Services
Seoul Grand Park

A service that allows you to view the theme map and receive information about such as Facilities for Convenience, parking facilities, and transportation in the park.

Seoul Zoo

A variety of information, such as animal house, animals and plants, and Facilities for Convenience in Seoul Zoo, can be provided on the theme map. It provides the appropriate content according to the location of tourists through the push notification feature.

Theme Park

A service that provides information of Rose Garden and a variety of animals in Children’s Zoo located in the theme garden while viewing the theme map.

Camping Site

It shows the theme map of the camping site, provides camping site user guide, reservation information, and facility information.

Grand Park
Route Guide

You can select the animal house and location you want to find in Seoul Grand Park to receive the directions service.

Animals and Plants

If you are curious about the animals and plants living in the Seoul Zoo, you can search through the search service.

Grand Park Quest

Through the Seoul Grand Park Animal Exploration Mission, you can find hidden animals that the Zoo boasts.


If you are curious about the animals and plants living in the Seoul Zoo, you can search through the search service.