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Forest bathing park in the natural forest of Mt. Cheonggye

In the forest bathing park, 470 kinds of plants, including pine, pear, ginger, and
red oak, and squirrels, hares, weasels, and raccoons share love with their
neighbors and live happily. It is the best nature study site where 35 species of
birds such as pheasants, skewers, and blue woodpeckers live. The uphill and
downhill trails are 8km long and consist of a total of 4 sections.

About Forest Bathing Park

The Seoul Grand Park Forest Bathing Trail can be accessed from the Seoul Zoo (paid admission) and can be used through the entrance of the Australian Pavilion or the North Gate. It takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes for a total of 7 km. The forest bathing trail starts at the entrance of the Australian Pavilion and passes through 12 themed forests such as starts with forest with fairy pond, black locust tree forest, forest with nature, ice valley forest, an observatory, thinking forest, rest forest, mandarin duck forest, reading forest, chestnut forest, socializing forest, pine tree forest, and them descend to the north gate. Conversely, you can start at the north gate. Beginners can use the three byways in the forest bathing trail (South American Pavilion byway, Reservoir byway, Beast pavilion byway) and adjust the hiking course within an hour.

There are deck shelters with picnic tables in 6 places (the forest with nature, ice valley forest, observatory, rest forest, reading forest, socializing forest), so you can take a break and enjoy refreshments and chatting. There are pavilions on forest bathing trails and side roads, so you can cool down for a while. In addition, there are springs in the forest with nature and the forest where you can rest, so you can drink cool spring water.


Forest Bathing

Forest bathing is a natural health care method that allows you to breathe the fragrance (pironcide) in a dense green forest or touch it with your skin and bring peace of mind and body by harmonizing with fresh air, magical harmony, and beautiful scenery.
Phytoncide is a fragrance (sterilization, insecticidal) substance released to protect itself during plant growth.


Take a rest while walking in the forest, exercising appropriately, observing animals and plants, reading, watching videos, and poetry/sculptures.


Simple clothes that allow air circulation and sweat absorption are recommended.


Early summer-late autumn is good, when the trees grow vigorously.

Health Effects

Health promotion and disease prevention and treatment effect


How to enjoy forest bathing effectively

It is effective to have forest bathing at 10 to 12 o'clock in the morning,
where there is a large amount of phytoncides. It is recommended to take a walk
and rest, or to exercise lightly, to breathe deeply, to build up physical strength,
and to stimulate each part of the body.