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Cheonggye Reservoir Lakeside

The lakeside Winding Path is a trail that goes around the Cheonggye Reservoir and
is good for feeling the calm atmosphere of the lakeside, and there is an outdoor
table in the middle where you can relax while looking at the lake, so it is a
very good way to take a break


Cheonggye Reservoir Dukbang-gil

The recently opened Cheonggye Reservoir Dukbang-gil is an open road where you can
capture the beautiful natural scenery of Cheonggyesan Mountain and Gwanaksan
Mountatin, you can see a unique space that is pleasing to the eyes as it is
adjacent to Metasequoia, Seasonal Flower Complex, and the elephant train path
that can only be seen in Seoul Grand Park.

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Lakeside Winding Path