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A total of 275 kinds such as plant specimens,
plant seeds are on display

A total of 275 different items are on display here, including botanical
and immersion specimen, such as moss, gymnosperm, angiosperm,
and insect carnivorous plants, in addition to flowering plants,
according to the plant classification system

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At the Plant Specimen Exhibition Hall

There are 58 plant specimen featured behind glass displays at the Herbarium Exhibition Hall, including bryophytes, gymnosperm, and angiosperm, that capture the flow of plant evolution, while another 65 plants, including poisonous plants, insect carnivorous plants, alpine plants, aquatic plants, and halophytes, that demonstrate self-transformation in order to adapt.


From Cheonggyesan Mountain,

17 plant specimens collected directly from Cheonggyesan Mountain, such as Pogonatums, Brotherellas, and Calliergonellas, having incorporated acrylic fusion in three-dimensional format.

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식물 표본관 역사 이미지


The seed plants

include 26 medicinal plant seeds and 75 edible crop seeds, as well as beautifully flowered herbaceous plants and tree seeds where stems and tree branches underwent lignification.


As for dry specimens,

Nepenthes, Akebia, and an additional 27 plants that are difficult to exsiccate due to the bulky shape, were created into a three-dimensional format for display.

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