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Total of more than 600 plants of 30 and more species of carnivorous plants are on display

You can see at a glance about 600 and more items of more than 30 species of mysterious carnivorous plants that have not been found around us.
*Opened the Carnivorous Plant Hall on May 12, 2017


With a sharp trap

'Venus flytrap' that catches flies in an instant; 'Nepenthes' which attracts and traps insects with vial-shaped pouch; 'Sarracenia' that catches bugs with sticky dew, 'Saracenia' that looks like a trumpet; 'Pinguicula vulgaris' whose flowers resemble violets, but eat by attaching insects to them; 'Vibris' with thread-shaped leaves, etc. You can see more than 600 items of 30 species of insectivorous plants at a glance.

식충식물관 - 파리지옥 이미지

Venus flytrap

식충식물관 - 사라세니아 이미지


식충식물관 - 땅귀개 이미지

Utricularia bifida

식충식물관 - 박쥐란 이미지

Staghorn fern

Guide map of Carnivorous Plant Hall

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Carnivorous Plant  Pavilion