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From 2021.11.1.3 (Wednesday), the animal ecology briefing session will be held only for the following three animal companies.
- Wild Beast 14:00, Children's Zoo 14:00, Building 3 AF 15:00

It is not operated on weekdays, weekends (Saturdays, Sundays) and public holidays.

Ecological briefing sessions are flexible depending on the visitor and weather conditions.

PM 2:00
  • Children's zoo
    (in the theme garden)
    Alpaca ecology presentation
    • Schedule Everyday 14:00
    • During April~October
    ※ Does not run during rainy days from July to August
  • Jaguar , Carnivore , Bear (Jaguar→Tiger→Bear) Relay ecology presentation
    • Schedule Everyday 14:00~ (Approximately 30 min)
    • During April~October
    ※ No feeding on no-flesh days (Fridays)
PM 3:00
  • 3rd African Pavilion Lions ecology presentation
    • Schedule Everyday 15:00,16:30
    • During April~October
    ※ No feeding on no-flesh days (Fridays)