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Operating hours
Operating hours
Location Operating hours
December ~ February March, November April ~ October
Line no. 1
(General information center → Zoo entrance)
10:00 ~ 17:30 09:30 ~ 18:00 09:30 ~ 19:00
Line no. 2
(Inside the zoo)
10:00 ~ 16:40 09:30 ~ 17:10 09:30 ~ 17:40

Operating hours may change depending on weather conditions.

Please board at least 20 minutes before closing time.

Usage fee
  • A total of 4 tickets must be purchased for a round trip (2 going up, 2 coming down, 4 locations in total)
  • Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office at the entrance of each boarding area (Purchase the zoo lift package at the general information center ticket office / Annual pass can only be purchased online)
  • A zoo ticket must be purchased when using Lift line no. 2 (moving section within the zoo)

좌우로 스크롤하여 표 내용을 확인 할 수 있습니다.

Usage fee
Category Silver
(Over 65 years old)
(19 ~ 64 years old)
(13 ~ 18 years old)
(6 ~ 12 years old)
(3 ~ 5 years old)
1-way ticket
(1 section)
6,000 won 9,000 won 5,500 won 5,000 won
2-way tickt
(2 sections)
12,000 won 16,000 won 9,000 won 8,000 won
Same-day ticket
(No limit on the number of times per day)
21,000 won 13,000 won 12,000 won
Zoo lift package
(Zoo + lift 1 time + Elephant Train 1 time)
14,500 won 9,000 won 8,000 won 6,200 won
Lift package annual membership 90,000 won 120,000 won 85,000 won 75,000 won
(Free for under 36 month olds)
  • As the Skylift is a derelict facility, senior citizens, disabled people, and men of national merit must pay to board.
  • When children under 36 months use as a group (daycare centers, kindergartens, etc.), they must pay to board.
General Information

For inquiries: 02-504-5657
※ Operation and ticketing hours may vary depending on operation condition.
※ Group rates can be discounted through advanced reservation.

Precautions for Riding Sky Lift Children under the 3rd grade of elementary school, those with mobility difficulties,
and anyone who need a guardian must be accompanied by at least 1 guardian per 2 people to get onboard.
※ All passengers must abide by the decision on eligibility to ride Sky Lift made by Sky Lift Safety Maintenance Managers at the site.

Implementation of Skylift 'Safety Inspection Day' In preparation for the Severe Disaster Punishment Act, Skylift conducts maintenance and safety inspections by setting a monthly 'Safety Inspection Day'. On days designated as 'safety inspection days', lift operation will be temporarily suspended.
Even if it is uncomfortable, please cooperate with us to prevent safety accidents.

Designation of ‘Safety Inspection Day’ in 2024 ※Lifts do not operate, except during peak season (April, May, September, October) View Safety Inspection Day 2023

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Operation section

No.1 Lift Car (Outside the Zoo) Operation Route(Section A-B, B-A) - Parking Lot, Subway Station, Foundation - Entrance of Seoul Zoo(North Gate), Theme Garden(Rose Garden), Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Camping Site), Seoul Land Direction

No. 2 Lift Car(Inside the Zoo) Operation Route(Section C-D, D-C) - Inside The Entrance of Seoul Zoo(North Gate) - End Point of the Zoo(Tiger, Marine, Bear, Snake, Wolf House

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