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Transportation & ParkingThe forest, animals, and people are all happy in Seoul Grand Park.

Subway Users

subway linemap
  • ※ Transfer to Subway Line 4 at your most convenient stop and arrive at Seoul Grand Park Station (Seoul Land) using the left door, then leave using Exit 2.
  • line 4Seoul Grand Park Station

City Roads

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  • ※ Enter the car Parking lot at Seoul Grand Park : 359, Makgye-dong, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
  • ※ The traffic is heavy on weekends and holidays, so please use public transportation.
Directions from Sadang area
Sadang>Enter the underpass going towards Suwon>Take the overpass toward Seoul Grand Park>Turn right at the 3-way intersection at Seoul Grand Park Station>Enter the car park
Directions from Gwacheon/Suwon/Anyang area
Gwacheon main road>Enter going towards Seoul Grand Park>Turn right at the 3-way intersection at Seoul Grand Park Station>Enter the car park
Directions from Yangjae area
Yangjae IC>Go straight toward Anyang/Gwacheon>Turn left at Swonbawi Station (Subway Line 4)>Seoul Racecourse Park Station (Subway Line 4)>Turn left at Gungmalsamgeo-ri>Seoul Grand Park (Subway Line 4)>Enter the car park
Directions from Umyeon mountain tunnel
Enter Umyeon mountain tunnel>Go straight towards Uiwang>Enter based on the direction of Seoul grand park Signpost>Seoul racecourse park station (Subway line 4)>Take left at Goongmal T-junction>Seoul grand park station(Subway line 4)>Enter the car park

Seoul Grand Park Parking lot

Seoul Grand Park Parking lot
Category Content
Compact Car Compact Car : 5,000 won
Sub-Compact Car: 2,500 won
Large Vehicle Bus for more than 25 passengers / over 4.5t truck 10,000 won
Parking Discounts – The disabled holding their disabled cards (The disabled should ride in the car on which the disabled sticker is attached): 80% discount
– Vehicles less than 1000cc: 50% discount
– Low emission vehicles on which a low emission car sticker is attached: 50% discount
– People supporting the No Drive Day System, with electric tags attached to their cards, and obeying the system: 30% discount (weekends and holidays excluded)

Parking Capacity : about 6,750 cars

Contact us at 02-502-7636, 02-503-7632

Parking lot at Seoul Grand Park Campsite(National Museum of Contemporary Art)

Parking lot at Seoul Grand Park Campsite
Category Content
General Visitors
(including mountain climbers)
First 2 hours 3,000 won then 1,000 won for every 30 minutes afterwards.
One day 10,000 won
Campsite Visitors First 2 hours 2,000 won, full day 10,000 won
One day parking is available until noon of the next day.

Because the parking lot of Seoul Grand Park Campsite (National Museum of Contemporary Art) belongs to National Museum of Contemporary Art, the parking fee system for the campsite is different from the parking fees of Seoul Grand Park.

Parking Capacity: about 153 cars

Contact us at 02-2188-6388