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Campsite Guide & TransportationEnjoy nature in the healing forests and camping grounds of Seoul Grand Park.

Picnic Outings

  • Opening and Operation Hours : March 30 - November 10 (Every year)
    ※ Opens every day from Mar-Nov
  • Picnic Hours : 09:00 (Admission) - 19:00 (Close)
    ※ Picnicking guests can purchase tickets on the day without advanced reservation
  • In addition to the camping area, guests can enjoy simple cooking and barbecues for lunch and dinner in the valley, as well as the deck, which is available for free use (Tent use prohibited).
  • Guests can use the picnic space in the camping area by installing portable facilities, such as matting and chairs without the need for tent installation.
  • Picnic service is available from 9:00AM to 7:00PM every day. Guests can use the vacant space of the picnic area in the campsite.

Campsite Usage Guide

Campsite Usage Guide
Access Time: 12:00 (Check-in) - Next Day 10:00 (Check-out)
Campsite Operation Guide
Weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun), National Holiday, Summer Vacation: Entire Area (Including areas 1, 2, 3, 4)
Weekday: Area 1, 2 sequential opening
Procedure Instructions
Tent reservations are only available via online with a maximum of two areas available for booking per day.
Tent reservations will receive admission tickets on the day of arrival and guests must be verified at the visitor center before proceeding.

※ Tent Reservation & Inquiries: Campsite Customer Service +82 2-502-3836

Shop and Rental Information

  • You can use items, such as grills, charcoal, gridiron, various meats and beverages, and other foods at any time in the camping shop area.
  • Additional table sets are available for a fee
    • Rental Items: Tables, chairs, grills (including charcoal and gridiron), portable gas stove, lantern, etc.

※ Camping Shop: +82-2-502-3836

  • Camping Shop
  • Camping Shop

Admission Fee

Admission Fee
Adult Youth Children age 65 or more Children under 6 Seniors
2,000 won 1,500 won 1,000 won 1,000 won free
※ Please bring documents to prove that you are eligible for reduction.

Parking Fee

Parking Fee
National Museum of Contemporary Art Parking Lot Seoul Land East Gate Parking Lot Seoul Grand Park Parking Lot

Camp Site User, 1day(24hour)

One day 10,000 won(Apply from time of entry)

(First 2 hours 2,000 won then 1,000 won for every 30 minutes afterwards.)

10,000 won / a day 5,000 won / a day

Facility Fee

Facility Fee
Use charge etc
Tent Rental for 4 people 15,000 won Internet reservation until 13:00 on the day of use.
Sports Field Rental
(Basketball Court, Volleyball Court)
1 hours 2,500 won Internet reservation until 13:00 on the day of use.

Admission fees are separate for tent and exercise ground users

Rental Items: Mats, sleeping bags, blankets, gas burners, barbecue grills (※ Inquiry: +82-2-502-3836)

Only a group of 20 or more can be reserved for the exercise grounds (Up to 4 hours per day)

Admission fee is based on a daily scale. When using tents for more than one night, guests must purchase additional tickets at the ticket office


By Foot(Approximately 35 minutes)
Subway Line 4, Seoul Grand Park Station, Exit 2 > Seoul Land Main Gate > National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art > Seoul Grand Park Campsite
By Elephant-Shaped Train (Get off at the Zoo and walk to the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art > Seoul Grand Park Campsite
By Car(Heavy congestion during peak season)
Seoul Grand Park Entrance > Seoul Grand Park Back Gate > Seoul Land East Parking Lot > National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art > Seoul Grand Park Campsite
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Essential Etiquette for Enjoying the Campsite

  • 1
    Moderate alcohol consumption only. No smoking.
  • 2
    Couples must keep strong showings of affection private. Leaving domestic skirmishes at home.
  • 3
    Maintain a quiet noise level after 10PM. Lights off at 11:30PM
  • 4
    Clean up all messes prior to leaving the campsite
  • 5
    Help maintain cleanliness of restroom and shower facilities.
  • 6
    Cooking or washing of dishes in the valley stream area is prohibited. Be mindful of protecting children’s sensitive skin.
  • 7
    Dispose remaining ash in designated areas. Minimize garbage waste and properly dispose of recyclables.
  • 8
    Be respectful of nature. Hammocks are particularly damaging to trees.
  • 9
    Use of high-end audio equipment is prohibited.
  • 10
    Enjoy water activities solely around the valley stream area.