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Healing Forest Program & GuideEnjoy nature in the healing forests and camping grounds of Seoul Grand Park.

Forest Healing Program Guide

Programs are divided into a one-day workshop, long-term workshop course, and special programs for emotional labor workers.

Forest Healing Program Guide
Category Program Name Main Content Target Duration Days of the Week Time How to Participate
One-day Workshop Welcoming Forest Light
Forest healing experience
(Stress relief, relaxation)
(Cannot accompany infants)
Apr-Nov MWF 2 hrs RSVP
via online
Forest of Healing
(Work Groups)
Emotional labor workers
(Job stress relief)
Work employees
May-Nov Decided Following Consultation 2 hrs RSVP
via phone
Long-term Workshop Course Happy Forest Road
(Menopausal Women)
Depression and relief for menopausal women Menopausal women May-July
M or T 3 hrs
(Per class)
via online
Special Programs Melatonin
(Pregnant Women)
Increasing communication and immunity of fetus and pregnant women Women 16 weeks into pregnancy May-Oct Special placement for participants 2 hrs
(Per class)
via online

Usage Guide

  • Period of Operation: Every year from the end of April to the end of November (Closed during winter)
  • Main Facilities: Healing Forest Road, Water, Wind & Sunshine Healing Zone, Fragrance Garden, Forest Plaza, Visitor Center etc.
  • Program Inquiries: Seoul Grand Park Landscape Department
    ※ Healing forests are available only through the program.