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Children’s Zoo InformationIntroducing Themegarden, a special place in Seoul Grand Park.

Children’s Zoo
Children’s zoo is located in the Theme Garden in Seoul Grand Park
Children’s zoo is a place to teach children how to love animals and the nature. Children can learn animals’ ecology and their nature. Animal Class can offer a first hand experience. You can see many animals including Pungsan dogs, Jindo dogs, Sapsali dogs, donkeys, marmosets, monkeys, Japanese monkeys, meerkats, squirrel monkeys, rabbits, sheep, guinea pigs, and black goats.

About Children’s Zoo

: 28,072m² (8,500 pyeong)
Animal Collections
: 450 animals from 38 species(as of November 01, 2014)
: 16-sep-00
Construction period
: 1st stage (May 3, 1999 - December 24, 1999) / 2nd stage (April 1, 2000 to August 1, 2000)


Baby Animal House
: Cute and rare animals reside here such as Marmoset monkeys, cotton-top tamarin meerkats, hedgehogs, rabbits, and guinea pigs
Animal Farm
: It is home to Korean traditional dogs such as Jindo dogs, Sapsali dogs, Pungsan dog, donkeys, and ponies.
Animal Experience
: You can watch a Border collie chasing sheep, goats as well as squirrel monkeys. Feeding animals is permitted.
Animal Class
: Educational place to teach children and youth the importance of species conservation through zoo experience and environmental programs. It also helps children design a creative future.

About Children’s Zoo Map

About Children’s Zoo

  • Monkey
  • Pungsan Dog
  • Rabbit
  • Sheep