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About Theme Garden & GuideIntroducing Themegarden, a special place in Seoul Grand Park.

Seoul Grand Park Theme Garden
This is a permanent exhibition space within the botanical garden and is also utilized as an area to hold educational programs while exhibiting various small items made using plants

About the Theme Garden

The Peony Garden is made up of Peony Roses, which is a symbol of passionate love of the West, and Peony, which represents the splendid and elegant spring beauty of the Orient. The theme park is a homey, natural garden area comprised of water with a deep sense of one’s home in the countryside, a warm countryside home, and a children's zoo with a small-sized animal nest that reminisces that of a child’s image. The garden is the perfect spot to bask with loved ones, family, and friends to make for memorable visit.

Current Status of Theme Garden

  • Scale: 84,147㎡ (54,075 ㎡ including Rose Garden, 28,072 ㎡ for Children’s Zoo)
  • Main facilities: Rose garden, theme garden (peony garden, resting garden, hometown garden), Children’s Zoo (Feeding Animal, Animal Classes, etc.)
  • Admission Fee
  • Theme Garden
  • Theme Garden

Current Status of Theme Garden

Children's zoo entrance, Theme Garden entrance, Seoul Zoo entrance, Children’s Zoo, Baby Animal House, Animal Class, Rose Garden, concert Hall, Peony garden, Elephant train platform, Fruit garden, healing garden, Herb Greenhouse
Theme Garden

Theme Garden Operation Hours

Summer(Mar-Oct) :
9:00 - 19:00
Winter(Nov-Feb) :
9:00 - 18:00
  • ※ Open every day (365 days a year)
  • ※ Admission available up until 1 hour before closing

Theme Garden Tour Guide

  • Note that the roses, flowers, and trees in the Rose Garden blossom according to the given temperature and season.
  • Note that depending on the weather and necessity for quarantine, animals may be seen from the outside ranch or indoor area.
  • Note that sheep herding and Frisbee performances are not available on Mondays and Thursdays.

Essential Etiquette for Enjoying the Theme Garden

  • 1
    Please care for the plants and do not damage them.Please do not pick or step on flowers
  • 2
    Please use rest areas such as wooden bench, pavilion, and the lawn.It is safe to use designated roads and facilities.
  • 3
    Please help your child to be careful of thorns on rose plants.The sharp thorns on a rose can hurt your children
  • 4
    Please refrain from entering to the flower garden, though taking a pictures is permitted.Please protect roses, so other people can also appreciate them.
  • 5
    Please do not bring your pets such as dogs and cats.Please protect baby animals from contagious disease.
  • 6
    Please watch your children.Animals can bite your children.
  • 7
    Please do not gather forest products such as fruit and herbs.Apples, plums, cornus fruits, and fragrant edible wild asters are for exhibition and physiognomy.
  • 8
    Please safely use facilities including floor fountain, mountain stream, and the pond.Waterscape facilities are slippery. Do not go into the pond.
  • 9
    Please do not disturb the public orders (such as drinking, loud singing, using megaphone, and abandonment)Please do not hurt other people’s feelings.
  • 10
    Please do not cook and do not put up a tent in the Theme Garden.Please do not cook and do not put up a tent in the Theme Garden.