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Plant Sample Exhibition RoomIntroducing Seoul Grand Park Botanical Garden, the first public arboretum in Seoul.

Plant Sample Exhibition Room
A total of 275 different items are on display here, including botanical and immersion specimen, such as moss, gymnosperm, angiosperm, and insect carnivorous plants, in addition to flowering plants, according to the plant classification system

There are 58 plant specimen featured behind glass displays at the Herbarium Exhibition Hall, including bryophytes, gymnosperm, and angiosperm, that capture the flow of plant evolution, while another 65 plants, including poisonous plants, insect carnivorous plants, alpine plants, aquatic plants, and halophytes, that demonstrate self-transformation in order to adapt.
In addition, 17 plant specimens collected directly from Cheonggyesan Mountain, such as Pogonatums, Brotherellas, and Calliergonellas, are available to visitors to take in, having incorporated acrylic fusion in three-dimensional format.
The seed plants include 26 medicinal plant seeds and 75 edible crop seeds, as well as beautifully flowered herbaceous plants and tree seeds where stems and tree branches underwent lignification. Nepenthes, Akebia, and an additional 27 plants that are difficult to exsiccate due to the bulky shape, were created into a three-dimensional format for display.

Exhibition Space

  • Plant Sample Exhibition Room
  • Plant Sample Exhibition Room
  • Plant Sample Exhibition Room
  • Plant Sample Exhibition Room

Plant Specimen Pavilion History

The Seoul Zoo Botanical Garden Plant Specimen Pavilion opened on December 20, 1986, as a new educational space about plants in Korea. At that time, the number of exhibited specimen totaled 422 plant species, in addition to mushrooms, fossils, medicinal plants, seed specimens, wood specimens, and plant photography. Following 30 years of operation in 2016, the building and exhibition facilities underwent remodeling and was reopened on March 30, 2018, featuring the all new Plant Specimen Pavilion, Plant Environment Showroom, and Botanical Library.

  • Entrance of past Plant Sample Exhibition Room
  • Past seed specimen, plant photograph exhibition
  • Past Plant Sample exhibition

Current Status of Plant Specimen Pavilion

  • Opening : 1986. 12. 20
  • Re-opening : 2018. 3. 28(Wed)
  • Operation Hours : Monday~Sunday, 09:00 ~ 17:00
  • Facility Scale : 1 basement level & 2 above- ground levels with a total floor area of 1,477㎡, comprised of a reinforced concrete structure
  • Main Facilities
    • Exhibition Facilities: Plant Specimen Exhibition Hall, Plant Environment Showroom, Plant Exhibition Hall
    • Educational Facilities: Seminar Room, Botanical Library
    • Research Facility: Plant Lab, Plant Store, Purification Greenhouse
    • Office Facilities: Botanical Garden Office, Botanical Garden Program Operation Support Room