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Desert PavilionIntroducing Seoul Grand Park Botanical Garden, the first public arboretum in Seoul.

Desert Pavilion
Meet the various succulent, leafless plant life dressed in thorns.

A total of 1,702 varieties exist among the 245 species, including Golden Barrel Cactus, Ferocactus Horridus, Pereskia Aculeata, Christmas Cactus, and Mandacaru

Introduction to Desert Pavilion plant

The cactus has a thorn in place of the leaves, and the stem has a unique shape that can not be seen in other plants, such as spherical, circular, or cylindrical. The cactus is capable of holding a lot of moisture for a long time in the tissue and can withstand long drying. There are also many deep wrinkles on the surface of the cactus. These wrinkles are known to act as a radiator to control body temperature so that the body temperature does not rise excessively due to the surrounding radiant heat. Most succulent plants are small, thick and have hard leaves, so they have the power to withstand moisture and cold.

  • Crown of Thorns
  • Trichocereus Macrogonus
  • Century Plant
  • Elkhorn

Greenhouse Guide Map

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