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Greenhouse InformationIntroducing Seoul Grand Park Botanical Garden, the first public arboretum in Seoul.

About the Exhibition Greenhouse
The Greenhouse Botanical Garden houses a total of 928 varieties of plants

The Botanical Garden Greenhouse has a large scale with a total area of 2,825㎡ and a maximum height of 25m. The greenhouse consists of the following five exhibition halls: “Desert Pavilion,” “Tropical Pavilion 1,” “Tropical Pavilion 2,” “Warm Temperature Pavilion,” and “Carnivorous Plant Pavilion.” All facilities are equipped with the automatic control of temperature, humidity, water supply, and ventilation to ensure the meticulous care of plant life. Currently, there are 928 species among a total of 20,000 varieties of plants that are being cultivated and on display.

  • Botanical Garden Greenhouse
  • Botanical Garden Greenhouse

Greenhouse Guide Map

Entrance, Desert Pavilion, Tropical Pavilion 1, Warm Temperature Pavilion, Tropical Pavilion 2, , Carnivorous Plant Pavilion, Plant Specimen Pavilion, Exit