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About ZooThe pride of Seoul Grand Park, introduce Seoul Zoo.

  • Tiger, Lesser Panda, Hippo


Opened May 1st, 1984, Seoul Zoo is a sub-organization of Seoul Grand Park, playing a role of exhibition, conservation, education, and research for 2,700 animals from 332 species at 29 animals farms on a 2,420 square kilometer area of zoological and botanical gardens.

Annually, about 3.5 million people visit Seoul Zoo. We provide visitors with opportunities to think about animals and natural conservation. We also provide relaxing places for visitors and more ecological shelter for animals, so people become happy watching the happy animals.

Our efforts include pursuing Animal Behavior that helps animals express their natural behavior. Through free Animal Behavior, animals become happy and human beings as well as animals can flourish together.

For example, we recently conducted remodeling of Ape Hall, Tropical Bird Hall, and Predatory Animals Hall to pursue animal welfare.
We also plan to renovate Ocean Hall and the East Hall in the future.

In addition, we released a dolphin named Jaedori on July 2013, the first such effort in Asia. Through this event, we aimed to provide an opportunity to think about animals’ welfare and dignity.

Our zoo plays a role in conservation and research to preserve our valuable animal resources for the next generation. We conduct systematic and scientific researches for preservation and breeding of globally rare species as well as endangered species in Korea. We also promote educational programs on animal conservation.

Seoul Zoo is redoubling its efforts to create a high quality zoo that serves as a healing place, providing hope and active energy to the citizens.

Thank you.

Animal ownership status

  • animal cage : 89 buildings 30,189㎡
  • animal : 255 species 2,414 animals
Animal ownership status
mammal birds reptiles amphibians and other
131 species 1,139 animals 76 species 948 animals 26 species 179 animals 22 species 148 animals