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Guide to the ParkThe forest, animals, and people are all happy in Seoul Grand Park.

Seoul Grand Park is operated all year round.

Essential Etiquette for Enjoying the Seoul Grand Park

  • 1
    Seoul Zoo, the Rose Garden, Seoul Grand Park, the Children’s Playground, bathrooms and all other spaces are non-smoking areas. Non-compliance will result in a fine of KRW 100,000.
  • 2
    Please refrain from any disruptive behavior that may affect other visitors to the park.(Loud singing, sleeping, violent behavior, damaging the grass or flowers, wearing shoes with wheels, etc.)
  • 3
    You will be fined for cooking, installing tents, or installing shades within the park.
  • 4
    Please do not damage the park’s facilities, trees, and flowers nor pick fruits from the plants.(Non-compliance is subject to fines.)
  • 5
    Please dispose of all trash at designated places.
  • 6
    When visiting the park with a pet, please ensure that you follow the following rules: Leashes are required for all dogs, mouth guards for aggressive dogs and other safety equipment (Non-compliance is subject to a fine of KRW 100,000 the first time, KRW 300,000 the second, and KRW 500,000 the third and following times) Clean after your pet (Non-compliance is subject to a fine of KRW 50,000 the first time, KRW 70,000 the second, and KRW 100,000 the third and following times) Attach an identification tag on your pet (Non-compliance is subject to a fine of KRW 50,000 the first time, KRW 100,000 the second, and KRW 200,000 the third and following times) Pets are not allowed to enter the Zoo, Theme Garden, as well as other facilities

※ Any accidents caused by the owner’s recklessness shall not fall under the park’s responsibility.