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Electric Cart ProgramThe forest, animals, and people are all happy in Seoul Grand Park.

A zoo adventure with a Eco-friendly electric cart A-ZOO! A special tour at the Seoul Grand Park

A-ZOO! A special tour at the Seoul Grand Park!

It is a public service program to support visitors who may face difficulties in enjoying Seoul Grand Park by foot.
Anyone accompanying an individual with such difficulties can also experience this unique tour, regardless of age. It offers a special opportunity to view the preserved ecological and environmental environments that Seoul Grand Park has to offer in their most natural form.

For Whom?Children under the age of 3, seniors aged 70 and above, people with disabilities, pregnant women, etc.

  • Eligibility for Participation

    Family or groups who are accompanying

    an individual who has difficulties in walking

  • Number of Participants
    Minimum of 4 persons and maximum of 6 persons
  • Operating Hours
    Session 1: 10:00 - 12:00
    Session 2: 14:00 - 16:00
  • Operating Season
    May to November 2018
    Peak : May, Sep, Oct / Open Weekly Mon-Fri / Closed on Sat, Sun, Public Holidays Off Peak : Jun, Jul, Aug, Nov / Open Weekly Wed-Sun / Closed on Mon, Tue, Public Holiday
  • Duration
    2 Hours
  • Customer Service
    +82-2-3668 9764
  • Please note that, for safety reasons this program is not available during peak season and national holidays when the zoo has a lot of visitors.
  • Please note that the Electric Cart Program may depend on weather and operating conditions of Seoul Grand Park.
A-ZOO! Tour Fee
A-ZOO! Tour Fee
For Whom Payment Amount Seoul Zoo Admission Fee Facility Usage Fee
Adult (Aged 19 to 64) 10,000 won 5,000 won 5,000 won
Students (Aged 13 to 18) 8,000 won 3,000 won
Children (Aged 6 to 12) 7,000 won 2,000 won
Babies (up to 6 years old), Seniors (Aged 65 and above) 5,000 won Free

Please note that eligible individuals must provide evidential documentation for free admission.

A-ZOO! Tour Directions

If you come to the General Information Center, you can get your boarding guide.

Electric Cart Program Boarding place