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Information by facilityThe forest, animals, and people are all happy in Seoul Grand Park.

Seoul Zoo

Story of animals from around the worldSeoul ZooGo

Seoul Zoo is home to many animals from around the world where they are protected and cared for according to their native habitats, ecology, and descent. Visitors can meet familiar animals such as lions, giraffes, and elephants from Africa, herbivorous animals, birds, dolphins, and endangered animals including lowland gorillas. Seoul Zoo provides a special experience where people and animals can live harmoniously

Theme Garden

Special love story between nature and human beingsTheme GardenGo

Theme Garden bridges nature, people, and animals together through diverse events including a rose garden festival, an exotic plant exhibit, flower-rainbow garden, hands-on experiences with animals and plants, and a Border collie sheepdog show.

Seoul Grand Park Campsite

Pleasant camping life with learningSeoul Grand Park CampsiteGo

Seoul Grand Park Campsite is surrounded by the delightful forest near Cheonggyesan Mountain valley, providing pleasant camping place for visitors.

Seoul Land

Diverse festivals, eventsSeoul LandGo

With diverse attractions such as Samcheonri Hill, Tomorrow Land, and Fantasy Land, Seoul Land provides enjoyable times for citizens hosting Tulip Festival, Cherry Blossom Festival, and the Chrysanthemum Festival annually.

Giraffe Land

Children’s Multi Experience LandGiraffe LandGo

To provide enjoyable times for both parents and children, Giraffe Land is a comprehensive cultural space for families that has playgrounds for children and rest areas for parents. Avion pursues educational, synesthetic experience programs.

National Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum of Art encompasses trendsNational Museum of Contemporary ArtGo

world art and flows of Korean contemporary art that represents Korean art history and footprints. It plays the role of a comprehensive art center by collecting, preserving, and exhibiting excellent artworks from Korea and around the world. The art center also conducts research of art materials and exchanges of global information.