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About Seoul Grand ParkThe forest, animals, and people are all happy in Seoul Grand Park.

Seoul Grand Parkpeople and animals are happy together

Seoul Grand Park is a park where you can enjoy Seoul Zoo, where wild animals live from all over the world, Seoul Land which gives you lots of fun and fun, theme garden with a special story about nature and people, Seoul Grand Park camping hall where nature is precious, It is composed of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, which can see the nation, the flow of modern and contemporary arts at a glance. It is a representative comprehensive theme park of Korea, which has received memories and love of many citizens.

Theme Garden
Seoul Land
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea
Ecological Culture Park where people and nature are happily blended together
Changes in a breathing living ecological park Creating space to breathe in nature with humans and animals Education Chapter of the natural environment that can be passed down to future generations
SLOGAN : Together, With Nature
Ecological Culture Park
win-win, Consideration, Respect
Man And Nature
A Safe And Pleasant Haven
All Visitors
Plants And Animals, Environment
  • Joy and healing space
    Pleasant rapport between humans and nature with natural healing through a relaxing space
  • Animal welfare space
    A drastically advancing zoo that considers animal welfare
  • Experiential learning space
    Respect for life education for future generations
  • An open space for everyone
    One open community space, based on the participation of citizens