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NewsThe forest, animals, and people are all happy in Seoul Grand Park.

Information on the cancellation of Seoul Grand Park events

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Information on the cancellation of Seoul Grand Park events

to prevent the spread of COVID-19(Coronavirus)

Participatory events planned after March
can be postponed or canceled.
※ The operation of future events will be notified
via the homepage and SNS of Seoul Grand Park.

Seoul Grand Park is making its best efforts
to prevent the spread of COVID-19(Coronavirus).

Epidemic prevention for a clean Seoul Grand Park
1. Installed thermal cameras at the main gate and north gate of the zoo 
2. Installed hand sanitizers at the zoo, elephant tram, and ticket booth of the general information center
3. Strengthening the prevention of epidemics within the zoo
4. Strengthening the disinfection of vehicles within the zoo

For healthy people and animals!
1. Hand washing: Wash your hands with running water for 30 seconds as needed!
2. Mask wearing: Wear a mask when walking along Dulle-gil Trail of Seoul Grand Park and visiting the zoo!
3. Coughing etiquette: Do not cough at humans and animals! Cover your mouth with your sleeve!


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