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NewsThe forest, animals, and people are all happy in Seoul Grand Park.

Winter Season Zoo Guide

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Hello, this is Seoul Grand Park.

Please refer to the Winter Season Zoo Guide during your visit to the zoo.

1. Animal Ecology Presentation

- The Animal Ecology Presentation will be closed during the winter season.

- The Animal Ecology Presentation will resume in April 2020. Please wait for its reopening.

2. Indoor animal viewing

- Visitors can see animals indoors or outdoors depending on weather conditions.

- Please understand that animals may retreat to the indoors early depending on the weather and the condition of the animals.

- The 1st, 2nd, 3rd African Pavilions are spacious outdoor pavilions, and visitors turn away when there are no animals in sight.

If the animals are not outside at the pavilions, they are indoors due to weather conditions, so please come see the animals indoors!

You can see giraffes, lions, hippopotamuses, and elephants indoors.

3. Viewing animals that enjoy the cold winter

- Most animals need health care depending on the weather, but there are animals that enjoy the cold winter.

- Come see animals that are more energetic in winter

like the Siberian Tiger, bears, wolves, lynx, and other carnivores at the Carnivore Enclosure,

as well as Korea’s representative winter migratory storks and cranes at the Large Waterfowl Aviary.

4. Warm indoor animal viewing

- Don’t miss out on seeing indoor animals at the Nocturnal Wildlife Pavilion, Insectarium, Tropical Birds Hall, Oriental Pavilion, South American Pavilion, and more!

5. Temporary closing of Flamingo Pavilion in winter

- The Flamingo Pavilion will be temporarily closed in the winter season to prevent AI (Avian Influenza) and accidents.

- Closing period: November 1 (Fri.), 2019 March 31 (Tues.), 2020

The closing period may change according to AI situations.


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