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Theme Garden Etiquette

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Ten Rules of Theme Garden Etiquette

  • 01
    Please care for the plants and do not damage them.

    Please do not pick or step on flowers

  • 02
    Please use rest areas such as wooden bench, pavilion, and the lawn.

    It is safe to use designated roads and facilities.

  • 03
    Please help your child to be careful of thorns on rose plants.

    The sharp thorns on a rose can hurt your children

  • 04
    Please refrain from entering to the flower garden, though taking a pictures is permitted.

    Please protect roses, so other people can also appreciate them.

  • 05
    Please do not bring your pets such as dogs and cats.

    Please protect baby animals from contagious disease.

  • 06
    Please watch your children.

    Animals can bite your children.

  • 07
    Please do not gather forest products such as fruit and herbs.

    Apples, plums, cornus fruits, and fragrant edible wild asters are for exhibition and physiognomy.

  • 08
    Please safely use facilities including floor fountain, mountain stream, and the pond.

    Waterscape facilities are slippery. Do not go into the pond.

  • 09
    Please do not disturb the public orders (such as drinking, loud singing, using megaphone, and abandonment)

    Please do not hurt other people’s feelings.

  • 10
    Please do not cook and do not put up a tent in the Theme Garden.

    Please do not cook and do not put up a tent in the Theme Garden.