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Children’s Zoo

Children’s zoo is located in the Theme Garden in Seoul Grand Park

Children’s zoo is a place to teach children how to love animals and the nature. Children can learn animals’ ecology and their nature. Animal Class can offer a first hand experience. You can see many animals including Pungsan dogs, Jindo dogs, Sapsali dogs, donkeys, marmosets, monkeys, Japanese monkeys, meerkats, squirrel monkeys, rabbits, sheep, guinea pigs, and black goats.

[photo]Children’s Zoo monkey

About Children’s Zoo

Size : 
28,072m² (8,500 pyeong)
Animal Collections : 
450 animals from 38 species(as of November 01, 2014)
Opened : 
Construction period : 
1st stage (May 3, 1999 - December 24, 1999) / 2nd stage (April 1, 2000 to August 1, 2000)


Baby Animal House : 
Cute and rare animals reside here such as Marmoset monkeys, cotton-top tamarin meerkats, hedgehogs, rabbits, and guinea pigs
Animal Farm : 
It is home to Korean traditional dogs such as Jindo dogs, Sapsali dogs, Pungsan dog, donkeys, and ponies.
Animal Experience : 
You can watch a Border collie chasing sheep, goats as well as squirrel monkeys. Feeding animals is permitted.
Animal Class : 
Educational place to teach children and youth the importance of species conservation through zoo experience and environmental programs. It also helps children design a creative future.

Image of Children’s Zoo

[photo]Children’s Zoo monkey
[photo]Children’s Zoo dog
[photo]Children’s Zoo Sheep
[photo]Children’s Zoo rabbit