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Reservation and Notice

Admission Reservation

Since admission tickets are not issued after 17:00 pm, please purchase admission tickets online a day ahead.

You can purchase admission tickets before 17:00 pm at the ticket office.

Booking Tents

Visitors should make a reservation online at least one day in advance, reservation spots are limited; only 2 tents per reservation and one reservation per day. Those who booked tents should buy tickets on site. Those tickets can then be used at the Visitor's Center after identification verification. Visitors can select their desired camping area and tents during the booking process.

Seoul Grand Park Campsite (Tent) Reservation Information
Period Booking Schedule Make a Reservation
4. 28 ~ 5. 31 Apr. 20 (14:00) ~ one day in advance Tent Reservation
6. 1 ~ 6. 30 May. 15(14:00) ~ one day in advance
7. 1 ~ 7.31 Jun. 15(14:00) ~ one day in advance
8. 1 ~ 8. 31 Jul. 17(14:00) ~ one day in advance
9. 1 ~ 9. 30 Aug. 16(14:00) ~ one day in advance
10. 1 ~ 10. 31 Sep. 15(14:00) ~ one day in advance
11. 1 ~ 11. 30 Oct. 16(14:00) ~ one day in advance

Notice of Reservation

  • Picnic only for the day (without tent) does not require a reservation (operating hours: 09:00 ~ 19:00)
  • If you want to change the number of tents you need to cancel your reservation first and make a new reservation. (The system does not provide modification)

Sports Field (Shelter, Basketball Court, Volleyball Court) Reservation

A group of 60 people or more can make reservation. One group can use one sports court. Booking is available through the Internet.

Tent Reservation
period Sports field Make a Reservation
4. 28 ~ Basketball Court Basketball Court/Volleyball Court Reservation
Volleyball Court


Operating hours : 

09:00~22:00 (Maximum 4 hours, add one hour)

Only available weekdays (excluding weekends and holidays). Only a group can book after 19:00.

Activities : 
Event, Recreation
Size : 
720m²(40m in length, 18m in width) * including camp fire site and iron roof(360m²)
  • A group with no reservation can use the shelter through Visitor’s Center when unoccupied.
  • The person who reserves the sports field should be the same person who purchased the admission ticket.
  • In case of rain, any person using campsite can use the shelter.