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Zoo Etiquette

[photo]zoo view

Ten Rules of Zoo Etiquette

  • 01
    Please do not feed the zoo animals grass or food intended for people.

    Each animal has a unique diet.

  • 02
    Please be silent and do not wake up sleeping animals.

    Loud voices or tapping on the windows may frighten or upset the animals.

  • 03
    Please do not get too close to the animals' cages.

    Animals can bite or injure you.

  • 04
    Please do not throw any objects including stones and trash into the animals living areas.

    Animals may get hurt or fall sick.

  • 05
    Please do not use flash when you take photos.

    The flash can make animals distressed.

  • 06
    Please do not touch any animal.

    Petting and feeding are permitted for several select animals.

  • 07
    Please do not mind lonely animals.

    Some of the animals are solitary, and prefer to be alone.

  • 08
    Please Read zookeepers' notes and explanations.

    Through these you can learn a great deal about the animals.

  • 09
    Please show your child that you love animals.

    Your child will learn from you.

  • 10
    Please follow the hours of operation.

    Animals need rest.