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About Seoul Zoo
Seoul Zoo will serve visitors with the most kindness and safety, we assure.

An International Attraction in Harmony of Nature with Men

An International Attraction in Harmony of Nature with Men
You see the Seoul Zoo sign not long after you drive past Namtaeryeong ridge, the border between Seoul and Gwacheon. Seoul Grand Park consists of three different areas: Education, Natural Culture and Amusement and is internationally reputed for the diverse amusements, scenic beauty and natural advantages it offers.

The first zoo in Korea was built in 1909 at the former royal palace of Changgyeongung, which was renamed Changgyeongweon under imperialist Japan in an effort to eradicate the national spirit of and insult Koreans.
The zoo, which had been maintained at Changgyeongweon following after Korea's independence, was relocated to the current site in Makgyedong, Gwacheon in 1984 and began its new history as Seoul Zoo. Now more than twenty years have passed since its relocation, and Seoul Zoo has grown to the tenth largest zoo in the world.

Seoul Zoo's zoological gardens house over 3,400 individual animals belonging to about 360 species from all over the world. This includes rare species, such as the lowland gorilla, in a near-wild state, and classified by origins, life modes and ancestries. Greenhouse Plant Garden gives visitors the feeling that they are in a forest of all the world˘®?s trees, with over 1,300 plant species on display.
It is also a great pleasure to walk along the 7.4km hillside path that goes through the nature immersion area that surrounds the zoological gardens, absorbed in the refreshing woods and listening to the vigorous shouts of youngsters from the Youth Training Center.

You can see a number of ducks swimming in the lake in front of the entrance to the zoo, and in the Rose Garden, couples and families absorbed in appreciating the fascinating beauty of over 20,000 roses belonging to over 200 species, as well as brides in gorgeous dresses having their photos taken.
In the Children's Zoo next to the Rose Garden, kids can play freely with cute and gentle animals such as lambs, goats and llamas, on wide, open spaces.

If you'd like to get a perspective of the whole area of the park, you may ride the sky lift which will take you over a distance of 1.7 km through the air, to and from the zoo˘®?s entrance. Or if you would like to take a stroll with your boy or girlfriend, we recommend you take the promenade that goes around the lake.
In addition to zoological gardens and outstanding natural environment, peripheral amusement facilities attract children and young people.

At Seoul Land equipped with the latest amusement facilities, young couples as well as children can enjoy various adventure rides, such as the Black Hole, Magic Carpet and King Viking for fun and thrills. Persons with a taste for art may appreciate works and trends of modern and contemporary art at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Year-round Event

Sightseeing Etiquette
With scenic beauty that varies from season to season, Seoul Zoo holds seasonal events all the year round.
During the period from March to June, the Spring Festival and INDI Cultural Festival are held along the 7 ring road for persons and young people who would like to enjoy to the full a feast of flowers, such as native silver-white cherry blossoms, vivid yellow forsythia and soft pink azalea.
In April, children may exercise their imagination at Animal Cartoon Competition, which is followed by the Rose Festival for couples and families among green trees, roses and animals in May and June, and Animals' Starry Night Festival in July and August.
In the fall, Animal Sketch Competition, the Autumn Flower Festival and Chrysanthemum Festival open with the charming spectacle of russet autumn leaves on Mt. Cheonggye.
In the winter, when white snow makes a child˘®?s fantasy, children can gather for the Tale of the Winter in Animal Kingdom. Don't miss year-round events at Seoul Zoo.